10 reasons why I continued working for Klika after moving to Prague for my studies

March 30th 2020

Last year when I decided to accept the scholarship of the Czech government for my master studies, the first thing that crossed my mind was: "What am I supposed to do with my job?". I love my team and my boss and my project. The project I work on is interesting, my team is diverse and so smart – I’m learning something new from them every day, and they are also very international. 

In general market conditions where people are running to work for foreign companies, here are my reasons why decided to stay in my Klika, a Sarajevo based company, and work remotely:


  1. Modern and up to date technologies

Following the latest trends in IT is, of course, very important. It is making even my studies much easier, since I can connect my lectures with the project I’m working on and learn those things in a practical way.

      2. Team full of understanding

Having a lot of academic duties and working at the same time can be very stressful. However, everyone from my team is very cooperative and they help me to catch up with all my duties at school. They know that school comes first and I am adjusting my working hours in accordance to my exams, project deadlines and study weeks.

  1. Constant learning

Agile development requires constant evolution, progress, adaptability. Our application is changing according to demands of the market, using different approach and then learning comes as a “consequence” of all that.

  1. Help from colleagues with my studies

Since I am doing my masters in IT Management and I have very experienced colleagues at work, they can always help me and explain me stuff for the courses I am taking. It is very convenient to have professionals around who are willing to help me anytime I ask!

  1. Coming back to our office always feel like coming back home

When I come back to our Sarajevo office, I feel like I’ve never left, and it really feels good to be there. Our Klika team is constantly expanding and it is nice to meet new members of the Klika family every time I come back.

  1. Our organization culture

We have a very strong organization culture and we cherish it. We have really good communication and the development of people who work for Klika (professional and personal) is very important for our company. We appreciate and celebrate success of all colleagues and motivate them to continue their education. My team is always happy because of my excellent grades ^.^

  1. Accessibility of Prague business zone

Prague business zone is more than 40 minutes away from where I live, so I am saving a lot of time every day.

  1. I don’t need to wake up early

I don’t need any time for preparations before going out and I can use that time to sleep a bit longer. I can afford those extra 10 minutes (and you know they’re precious) of sleep every morning.

  1. No pressure

Working with my team is a very smooth ride. We’ve been working together for a long time already, and we know how to get things done without too much pressure.

  1. I can work from everywhere

If I have good internet connection - which is quite easy to find, I am ready for work. Okay, maybe I also need my laptop and coffee. :)

Changing your whole lifestyle in such short period, being completely alone in some big city + trying to catch up with all school duties can be hard and stressful. I guess I was lucky (and smart enough with my employer choice) to start working at Klika – Bosnian company with strong organization culture and high level of involvement with the personal and professional development of their people(I know this sounds too much like an advertising slogan, but there is no better way to express it!;) ). Plus, I am having my team always by my side – as you can see on this photo… :) <3



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