Edina Merdzan: An economist turned developer

March 30th 2020



Edina Merdžan, Ruby on Rails Developer,



Hello world! My name is Edina.

In my spare time I like to play piano, read, drink coffee and enjoy the company of my friends and family. I’m a developer, an economist and a software engineering intern at KLIKA PRAKSA internship.

Alongside other interns, I'm working on exciting and brand new application as a Back-End developer, using Ruby on Rails. My tasks typically involve development of server-side logic, definition of the central database, implementation of the admin panel as well as creating documentation and tests to ensure that the results match requirements. As I'm coming from a .NET background, the work is challenging, but enjoyable, and I like the flow and the feel of the language, and the feeling that I'm learning so many new skills. 

The people I have the opportunity to work with on a daily basis are fantastic. Our product owner, Sanela, is of great help and constantly encourages us to ask questions, share ideas and be comfortable. There is a culture of mentorship with code review and each team has mentors who are an essential part of our progress. Web development team mentors, Emina and Muamer, are of great help and they are always there to answer any questions that we may have and put us at ease. They share their knowledge and experience with us, give us feedback on our code and teach us the software engineering rules and best practices. I'm extremely glad we have them as our mentors and grateful for their guidance, expertise and patience. I’m so happy to be able to learn from them during this internship at Klika.

The KLIKA PRAKSA internship is much more than just learning about software development and Rails framework. I’ve learned about product management, coordination of different teams, discussing of all aspects of our product with teammates and different software tools needed for development on daily basis. Also, Klika is not just about business, but has a great internal culture, a culture of inclusiveness, teamwork and joint effort. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. There are plenty of social activities organised within the company, but what makes Klika stand out is a significant number of female engineers on the team, which is an additional inspiration for women like me, who are just getting started in the industry.

Without a doubt, the internship is a priceless experience, extremely enjoyable and rewarding. But it would not have been as exciting as it has been if it wasn’t for the other 9 exceptionally talented interns that I work with. Overall, I feel confident with my new skills and I’m really excited about what the next few weeks have to bring. Klika is a great place to be at and I would highly recommend it to those seeking experience in the world of software development. 

Thank you Klika for this amazing experience!

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