Elza Kalac: A black belt holder and an Android developer on Klika internship team

March 30th 2020

My name is Elza Kalač, I love to dye my hair pink and I am a karate black belt 2nd dan holder, but, this time I will try to tell you something about my life as one of two Android developers on Klika internship team.

My day starts at 9:00 am with a standup meeting, where we share what we have done during the previous day, and talk about what we are planning to do on that day. Usually, I come to Klika a little bit earlier so I can have coffee/ tea with my teammates and get ready for work. My teammate Nemanja already talked about the work week of a Klika intern, but he didn’t mention how we present the results of our (hard) work.

After every sprint we have Sprint review. We call it Demo, and there we talk about what we did and didn’t finish in the previous sprint, and we discuss the next steps with the stakeholders and mentors. The feedback we get is very valuable, so we use it to improve the project and to become better and more efficient as a team. Usually our PO presents what we did, but last two sprint reviews it was the team members who held the presentation, so at that occasion, we gained not just technical knowledge, but also presentation and communication skills.

As an Android developer, I am developing applications for devices with Android operating system. My main responsibility is to make application that presents the logic of application that is developed by Ruby on Rails developers. Basically, my job is to make features available to users on their mobile devices.

You must be wondering how I ended up choosing Android? Well, in the second year of study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering I had a course called Mobile application development. That's how I encountered mobile technology for the first time. I didn’t like it at first, so I hardly got the chance to attend the final exam. Preparing for the exam and reading the documentation, I realized that Android logic is a little bit different from what I've done so far (C, C ++, C #), because there are ready-made components in Android that we can use as such, or modify so they match developer needs. And here I am today, really enjoying what I do!

As we are coming closer to an end of Klika internship, things are becomes more interesting. Although I've been an Android intern at another company earlier, this is the first time that I’ve been working in a team, in real work environment, so this is a new and valuable experience for me. Working in a team was the most challenging thing for me, so every day I try to improve and become a better team member. Also, week after week, the tasks that are being assigned to us are more difficult, so I learned a bunch of new things about Android development, even though I already had some experience.

When I first heard about Klika internship, I must say that the full time work day was a little bit too much for me, first of all because I had school related obligations. Now, five weeks later, I think this was a great idea, cause from the very beginning we started feeling not only as interns, but as part of Klika team. This has been a great experience! Thank you KLIKA. <3

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