Emina Omanovic: My first week of internship at Klika!

March 30th 2020

By Emina Omanović

Hola everyone! I am currently doing my internship at Klika and enjoying every moment spent here with these people.  I am one of ten applicants who got a chance to be included in a big project that lasts for two months, as a part of KLIKA PRAKSA internship programme, where we have time, great support and wonderful atmosphere to push our limits to become better versions of ourselves. The project that we’re working on requires development of two mobile applications (Android and iOS) and a web application. In order to make our end-user satisfied with what comes into his hands, on stage goes a a QA, a tester, who needs to check whether developers and end-user have found a common language. The role of being an interpreter was given to me and my teammate Anes.

In order to demonstrate what is it that one QA needs to do, I will tell you about my typical day. At 9:00 am in the morning I have a stand-up meeting with my team, where we are standing and talking about what we have done and what we are planning to do during a day. After that comes a meeting with our mentors to see what is important to do and, along the way, we are soaking in every advice and comment from experienced QA testers and developers. We are making a break around 12:00 pm and most of the time all my teammates go together for a coffee. Even at these rare moments when we don't have to work on something, we are tuned in and try to listen to our developers to be informed about everything so we can document it. Our main job is to know all about everything because we are testers. QAs are coding too. We haven't done that yet, but starting from next week we are going to write automated test cases to check whether every application works as it supposed to work.

For me, as someone who is a beginner in the IT world, this is a great opportunity to learn and enhance my skill set. We have learned a lot of theoretical things at the University, but we didn’t get much practical knowledge and team experience. Frankly, I was a little bit scared of how will I fit in the team, having zero knowledge about the people around me. But putting all ten of us in the same room, forced us to get to know each other pretty fast. The atmosphere and communication in the team is really good. Also, people here are really doing a lot of work and it takes time to catch up with them. I think our mentors will make a lot of effort to show us all we need to see and guide us through this internship. This is the very beginning and we have less than two months to show our worth and show that we can be part of this company, a company that really offers a lot to their interns but also to their employees. Thank you Klika for this opportunity and for helping me to make first steps in my IT career!

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