First two weeks at Klika - thinking aloud

March 30th 2020

By Elvis Rudonja, iOS Developer at Klika


“We offer great work conditions.”, that was the story from the beginning of my journey to Klika. How much can you trust today’s companies and what does that mean? Every each one of them will tell you the same, but how many of them really mean it and can prove it?  When I say conditions, I don’t think only of material stuff. Well, Klika had a different approach, and they’ve convinced me that this is true, in such a short period of time.
First great condition and rule #1 for me is affability and communication. So, in the first few days I tried to communicate with almost everybody, to see how it works, how they behave or if they’re maybe just trying to be nice.  Well, you can’t pretend for ten days in a row, it’s very hard I guess, because the culture and the atmosphere in the company stayed the same. “Hey what’s up, how’s it going, do you need something” - these are the questions I heard a lot these days. A few days after I joined the team, I saw new people coming in for interviews, and starting to work at Klika, and the approach to them remained the same!
In the morning, most of people are usually  in the kitchen having breakfast and coffee, talking about random stuff and random topics. Ladies are usually talking about clothes, when they don’t have anything else to talk about, or they are just joking. It is never quiet or depressing. Even though it’s autumn and the weather is grim, people are OK with that, you can’t feel some bad energy. Is it because of the lights or the fact that everything is clean in the morning, I don’t know, but for me it looks like an easy start of another nice day at work. Everyone can communicate with everyone, there is no permission-needed access when you want to talk to someone, even if he/ she is some ‘magic-guru-developer’, ‘god of technology’ etc. I’m not saying that some other companies don’t have that too, but yeah, it’s great when you have all the good conditions and this one as well. It’s a big plus, something like qualification for another round.
What I also like, is that the company is at a good location, with a lot of open space in office, very modern interior, and top equipment that could be used for software development. Since I joined in at the moment of new release at the project that I’m gonna work on, it’s understandable that everyone is in a hurry to get things done, so they can’t afford to spend much time on me but, on the first day, they tried to introduce me to their system, how it works, and I really appreciate it, and it was enough for the beginning. It wasn’t an ad-hoc approach like it could have been, since I came to Klika already having a lot of work experience gained in other companies in the industry. The project that I’m working on seems to be very exciting since it is in the IoT field and includes teams from different platforms and parts of the system. It’s about smart bed that is helping people have a better ‘taking a nap’ process. On the one hand, it feels  cool that the product you’re working on will help someone and that it has a purpose. I’m  already feeling kinda proud of the job we’re doing and generally, I think engineers love it when the stuff they make are used by someone. On the other hand, a lot of people already worked and is working on this project. That means that there are a lot of different solutions, ideas, knowledge sharing etc. In this short period that I’ve spent working on the project, I saw a lot of space for improvements at the position that I work on. That is also important for me, because it keeps me driven. I am very excited about everything that is about to come, especially new challenges on the project  and great times with my teammates! 

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