KLIKA’S WAY TO #giveBack

December 1st 2021

The commitment to community progress and advancement is at the heart of Klika's business. Therefore, the company's engagement extends from continuously supporting charity causes on a monthly basis by employees through the Klika Solidarity Fund to business projects in which Klika seeks to facilitate the work of community organizations by implementing pro bono projects. All these activities are based on one of Klika’s core values #giveBack, which aims to support the community and foster positive changes. 

No wonder then that during the summer, Klika was very proud to announce a project that represents the crown jewel of its commitment to the prosperity of the BiH community. The company announced a scholarship program for students attending all faculties and academies of the University of Sarajevo and the University of Banja Luka. This program was developed within the Klika Foundation concept aiming to support students getting an education in any field and industry at the two largest public universities in BiH. The call for applications opened during the summer with the aim to find devoted and talented young people who are passionate in the areas of their interest and who actively work on developing their careers and creating opportunities for themselves and their colleagues. While the GPA played a role in eligibility criteria, it was not as crucial as the desire and motivation of young people to be the leaders of change in our society, experts in their fields of study, innovators and an inspiration to others. 

Due to great interest during the first round, the call for applications was renewed in mid-September. Delighted by a large number of impressive applications, the representatives of the Klika Foundation Board devoted a lot of time to the selection of candidates, and ultimately the scholarship recipients. It was an opportunity for the Klika Foundation Board to get to know a multitude of inspiring and talented young people through their applications, so the selection process took a bit longer than initially planned. ‘'We were impressed by the applications and are definitely optimistic about the future of our country’, said one of the Klika Foundation representatives after reviewing the applications during the selection procedure. 

In the end, out of a total of 316 applications received during both rounds of calls, 38 scholarship recipients were selected, which officially makes them the first generation of Klika scholarship recipients. 25 students from the University of Sarajevo and 13 students from the University of Banja Luka received one-time scholarships in the amount of 1,000 BAM at a solemn award ceremony held at the end of November in Sarajevo City Hall. Besides the scholarship recipients and friends of the Klika Foundation, the ceremony was attended by professors and representatives from several faculties of the University of Sarajevo and the University of Banja Luka. The awards were presented by the CEO of Klika, Edin Deljkić, who also gave a speech stating that investing in education is the best investment because it is extremely important to value individuals who strive to do great things and make significant positive changes in their society. 

Selma Škripić, a student at the Faculty of Law at the University of Sarajevo, gave also a speech on behalf of the recipients, stating that the scholarship is not only significant as financial support but also a serious motivation for all to continue working hard and engage in various projects. 

‘By awarding this year's scholarships, Klika supported quality, knowledge and education and offered a springboard to students to be even more successful but also more aware of the responsibility they have as educated members of the community. Only with citizens’ awareness, educated people whose degrees are backed by knowledge, not just the title, and the support of such foundations and companies can our country truly prosper and offer a safe and bright future to the youth’, Skripić said. 

Other scholarship recipients also expressed their gratitude, emphasizing that the scholarship will be important for continuing education and developing individual projects they have been working on since before. They added that this program is a sign that their efforts so far have been recognized and acknowledged and serve as an example of an inspiring story in our society. 

After the scholarship award ceremony, a visit to the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina was organized during which all scholarship holders together with Klika representatives had the opportunity to visit the museum's permanent and temporary exhibitions, with a special emphasis on the latest exhibition Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory. After the tour, the students had some free time which they spent getting to know each other a bit better, laying at the same time a good basis for building the Klika Foundation community.  

Klika announced a new scholarship program for the next year. We are looking forward to new projects and initiatives planned as part of the Klika Foundation concept. 

We believe that only by proportionally investing in all segments of society and creating opportunities for young ambitious people, we can expect progress of our society as a whole. 

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