Klika spirit - What does it mean to you?

December 25th 2020

By Vanja Babić, Office Assistant and Ilija Tešić, Team Manager

Remember our Open Port Sessions, game nights, quizzes, parties, and other gatherings where our new team members could hang out with the rest of the Klika team and chat about various topics - in person? We remember them too, and we hope to continue such activities very soon.
Until then, there are virtual meetings and casual chats on Slack that are not as fun as face to face communication, but they make a solid replacement.
Here is a special opportunity to read an actual conversation of our team members Vanja and Ilija and see how it looks like for us at Klika to meet our new colleagues in a setting that is a bit different than the usual.

Spoiler alert: They spoke about Klika spirit!

Hi Ilija! I'm Vanja from Klika's office in Banja Luka. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we didn't get the chance to meet in person, but I hope that will change soon. I've got to admit that everything I know about you is based on the info I dug from the Klika team excel sheet where every team member shared some info about themselves. I'd like to chat about folk songs since you mentioned that you like them, and especially because the other day I came across a test that scores how many folk singer traits one has However, the main reason I wrote to you is to talk a little about our Klika culture. How long have you been working at Klika?


Hey Vanja! Before Covid-19 I used to personally meet (and greet) most of my new colleagues. Now it's a bit different...

That singing side of my personality comes to the surface when I'm most vulnerable. The team has a chance to see it during our team buildings or at New Year's Eve dinners and parties. They are to blame for bringing the accordionist  Otherwise, I tend to look normal

As for my experience at Klika, I have been working here for almost six years. Together we went from 14 to today's 150 employees and through three different offices. 

I heard your experience wasn't much within the IT before, is that true? What have you been doing before and what does this all look like to you.


I have been involved in Marketing and Sales for various clients for ten years. I mostly worked in Marketing agencies for which they say that you can count the time you spend there in dog years - multiplied by 7. 

This is my first contact with the IT industry and it is truly a huge revelation.

For the first time, I experienced that the term "organizational culture" isn't just a phrase artificially integrated into a collective. I admit, some companies have tried to bring various experts to spread the idea of values and the culture, but I think that it can be compared to the flu vaccine. There's always someone who thinks that the same vaccine can help against all diseases, but in fact, it cannot be true. The companies are like organisms, each reacts differently and is subject to both external and internal change.

However, back to me 

I started working at Klika as an Office Assistant in the Banja Luka office, but we'll see in which direction this ship of mine will sail 

How did your development go?

Have you always been working on the same project, or you've been on different projects over the years? I still find it fascinating that you've been working in the same company for six years. They must have taken good care of you 

I believe that it may be a shock. 

Actually, my friend suggested me to apply for a job at Klika. I didn't feel like working in a company at that time because I was still studying and, as a freelancer, I was earning enough for decent student life. However, after only a month I realized that this was an opportunity I didn't want to miss. And I'm still here

I started as a software developer and that was mostly my role during the first three years. The turning point in my career was Klika Praksa in 2017, which I was entrusted to organize and lead. The project we developed was a great success and it made a foundation for today's KLIKA PRAKSA program which is one of the most professional internships in the region. About that time I realized how much I enjoy doing some other tasks besides engineering and I decided to dedicate myself more to management. 

To sum up, I worked on three big projects and a few smaller ones, and I had several different roles. Currently, I lead a team of 25 people (several teams actually) and we're working on a project for one of our largest FinTech clients.
I guess that people change jobs to get a chance for change or progress. I was lucky to find it all in one place.

I look through other colleagues as well, there is usually a lot of room to experiment, learn, and progress. Many of us found ourselves in different roles from the ones we started in and the entire company was very supportive through the process.

What led you to this career turnaround?

What do you expect from the company you work in, what's most important for you?


I like working with people who have a healthy attitude towards work, obligations, and life. To be honest this is my first time working for a company and really feeling the spirit and the values it promotes. In other words, a company that really lives by the values it promotes rather than just putting them as a description on the website. I have met many different characters here, people of different interests and skills, but somehow there's one thing they all have in common. Everyone comes to work with the idea of doing something productive.


I agree with you. People are the essence. 

Organizational culture may be a bit of a worn-out term (you, Marketers are to blame for that ), but there's definitely that kind of energy and attitude towards people that is transferred from the company's management to all employees. That makes a difference between companies.

When Klika was a small company of fewer than 20 people, it was completely normal to go for a beer with the CEO on a Friday night or after work. Now that there are 150 of us it is still the case. It seems like an insignificant little thing, but you feel that you are not in the company only to earn a salary, that there's more to it.

I am really glad that you like what you've seen so far. 

I hope that we'll succeed in building the same values and energy that reigns in Sarajevo in our Banja Luka's office as well. #nopressure 

I can't wait to visit you and meet our team there.  You can arrange karaoke night for us 


Wow! I am really happy to hear all of this.

I'm thrilled when the company, which Klika de facto is, manages to preserve the commitment and affiliation that are usually found only in small and family businesses. 

We receive huge support from our colleagues from the Sarajevo office on a daily basis, and I must say that their availability and willingness to help instill great security. 

I believe that we'll be able to build synergy within these two offices Can't wait to meet all of you 

By the way, I am having a problem with the administration of Klika calendar. Maybe I'm not registered as a team lead, not sure what to do. Can I call you for help?

Of course, I’ll call you ASAP!


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