One day of working remotely in a life of Project Manager

March 30th 2020

Hi, I am Sladjana Culjic and I am a Project Manager on one of our largest teams, the one working on our smart bed project. It’s the third day of our #workingremotely week at Klika due to the Coronavirus pandemics, and I am more than happy to share with you how the two previous days were, what is my work from home dynamic and how we’re managing! 

1.     First thing first: I changed the Slack status to working remotely! After successful update on the Slack it is coffee time and reading trough my emails/Slack/Teams messages. Not much has changed only commute time to “my office” is shorter these days, from the bedroom to the living room.

2.     After morning routines and hard commute time to set up work goals for today. This routine has not change much from the “normal”, as my team is anyhow distributed and we work in different time-zones, but this “new normal” requires the information to be clearer and more accurate. I am adjusting my mind to this “new normal” and work on getting the most important info to my team colleagues out there. Note: all this time sitting in my favourite chair and having a lot more coffee then usual 

3.     Being home and coordinating your team remotely is easy, when you have a great team, by the noon everybody seems to be aware of the work goals for the day and the most important tasks, so it is time to “pause” my mind and get the lunch and some more coffee. 

4.     My afternoons are full of  meetings, I am trying to keep my mind straight and give to my team colleagues across the world the information they need. I am thinking of introducing  video calls, (there’s a bunch of communication which is non-verbal) but thinking about reduced bandwidth and maybe being in your favourites pyjamas, so keeping it low for now. Side note: still comfortably leaned in my favourite chair. I wonder if I need to change sitting, maybe go for a short walk!

5.     Meetings are done! Checked. Looking at the different Slack channels to make sure that I didn’t miss any of the messages while on calls. It is unusually silent, otherwise our Slack channels are always busy, which makes me think about my hard-working team and if they have finished for today. After a successful day of remote working, it's time to step into the next room for some quality family time. Keeping my Slack/Teams/email “alive” for a while in case somebody needs something. Tomorrow is a new day of working remotely! Good luck everyone!

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