Teamwork makes the dream work!

July 30th 2020

By Ilma Spahović, Marketing and Administration Assistant at Klika


Hello everyone and thanks for coming to my TED talk(wannabe). :) My name is Ilma and I am Marketing and Administration Assistant at Klika. In today’s blog I’d like to share my perspective on importance of the teamwork since I believe that it is a key to success regardless of the industry you’re working in.

As Halford E. Lucckock said, ‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.’ Keep that on your mind and enjoy reading!

Before I started working at Klika I had several part-time and full-time jobs. I traveled through various fields and industries through which I met, and worked with, many different people. Although I learned a lot about the teamwork and social interaction through my Psychology BA and MA studies, little did I know about that when I was in high school. Actually, I think that was the first time I truly realized and experienced the power of teamwork.

Ten years ago, I was a high school student excited to start her first part-time job. I was promoting vacuum cleaners and my goal was to sell as much as possible each day. I remember ending up my day frustrated, with barely one sold, while other promotors could sell much more. Is it possible that they were covering the area where more people needed vacuum cleaners? Maybe they had stronger skillset, or were more experienced than me? Possibly. BUT could the main reason be that they were working in pairs? I’d place my bets on this one (and actually I did). After few weekends of desperately chasing people to buy vacuum cleaners they obviously did not need, I’ve contacted manager and asked him if I could start working in pair as well as I believed this would increase our sale. Guess what? It did. Once I started working together with another girl, we exceeded the quota, meaning selling even more that it was expected. My teammate also lacked experience, but she had some skills that I did not at that time. For example, she was really shy in approaching people, while I did that with ease; on the other hand, she was more persuasive. Neither one of us could achieve the same result alone because combination of our skills was the jackpot, and neither one of us had them all. That’s when I first realized that working together as a team means complementing each other skill sets. We brought our individual strengths and, more importantly, learned from each other.

Later on, I’ve been changing jobs but every time I would prove myself that the idea I had when I was 16 was the right one – Great things are rarely achieved by one person only. I’ve been working on things that I am super skilled at, I became professional at multi-tasking, but somehow, I always managed to get the best out of my work when I was working within a team. I remember some of my ex colleagues who were jacks-of-all-trades, super talented, experienced and skilled, but very bad at teamwork. Their results were good while they could be great; ideas were cool while they could be extra inspiring and so much more could be achieved if they simply worked together. I also noticed that many people put teamwork as a skill in their resume, but when you talk to them you realize that they don’t always get the point of it. 

I get that not everyone will agree with me, in the end, not everyone is a fan of teamwork. Some people are not as relaxed and spontaneous as they would be working alone; some are not as sociable; but in my opinion the teamwork is the skill we should all aim for. There are many opportunities you are granted when you are working in a team. Remember the story I told at the beginning – you get to achieve better results because team members complement each other. Also, transfer of knowledge and ideas is huge on this one. Alone employee can only think from the perspective he is accustomed to; on the other hand, more team members give different viewpoints to solve a problem which gets everyone to understand the overall picture. This doesn’t always mean getting a faster solution to a problem, but, in my experience, the more creative (= the better) one. In this way each team member can learn new skills and gain better experience. Furthermore, and I like this one, great teams develop healthy competition which stimulates the personal and professional growth. 

It is important to note that not every team is better than one person working alone. It all depends on type of task, deadlines, goals and finally team members. For example, if there is a specific goal or a short deadline that can be met easier with one employee alone, it is better to work that way (assuming that the person is skilled and experienced enough). More importantly, teamwork is better option only when managed properly and when team members share the same values. Here I’d like to shortly reflect on my career path at Klika and my present team.

When I first came to Klika I’ve been working as Office Assistant. I was mainly in charge of administrative tasks and managing office supplies, but I also had support role in Marketing&Design team, as well as HR before I became respective member of M&D Team. New tasks meaning new challenges have been arising daily and I was more than excited to learn new skills on the way. I believe that my learning process would be much longer if I didn’t have teammates by my side. I became aware of my behaviors and drawbacks, and immensely inspired by our diversity. Each one of us have somewhat different background, interests and hobbies. Some of us are more of creators while others are more of executives; some have strong organizational skills, while others are still developing their time-management; some like to go out while others would rather stay in, etc., etc. However, we are working toward the same goal and share the same values in the never-ending process of transferring knowledge and ideas. I’d like to use this opportunity to thank to each one of them for having such a huge impact on my personal and professional growth as well as for teaching me things I’ve never imagined I’d learn. 

Enjoy your weekend and don’t forget to support your teammates because “The strength of the team is each individual member and the strength of each member is THE TEAM”.

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