Where do you see yourself at klika?

Here at Klika, we allow ourselves to flexibly shape our work environment, to follow new
technology trends and onboard clients from diverse industries.

This gives an opportunity for every team member to grow and discover new talents.

Position Location

Flexible environment

At Klika we offer a flexible working
environment, flexible organization and we
really care about your individuality.

So, what does being flexible mean? It means
that everything can be arranged with your
team, but it also means that you have to be
responsible with the trust bestowed upon you.



We like to invest in your education, either by
providing you with various types of technical
courses, soft-skills educations or special
certifications that might be of interest to you.

As a part of our team, you will also get your
own dedicated education budget that covers
various events, conferences, that might be of
interest to you. Travel expenses, tickets and
accommodations are all covered by this



Got that afternoon munchies? We provide a
food packed fridge so you can make a little
break and fix yourself a snack, whenever you

You’re welcome.



Every Klika’s team member is entitled to a gym or
other organized sport activity monthly allowance.

All you need to do is to bring a receipt or some other
proof that you have paid the membership for the given
month, and the money will be refunded to you with the
maximum amount of a given monthly allowance at the
beginning of the following month.



At Klika we like to say thank you in a fun way, to
compete in doing good, to reward each other,
and in order to make it all more exciting we use
the Leprechaun app.

Each month you get your 50 coins you can
send to other Leprechaun users to say thank
you, and everyone in Klika competes for
precious awards. The winners are announced
at the beginning of the next month.



Bonuses are a way of sharing the financial
success of the company with our team. Bonuses are
awarded if the previous year was a success and their
timing depend on the submission of the financial reports.

The criteria for the bonus amount awarded to each team
member entitled to it is the individual contribution to the
success of the company.


Paid maternity leave

All the women at Klika have a right to one year
paid maternity leave in case they decide to
become mothers.

Fathers are also eligible to take the paid
paternity leave.


Pet friendly office

One of our PAWesome perks is that we provide
our employees with the openness and
flexibility to bring their own pet to work.

But to emBARK into this adventure, you must
be responsible for your pet and assure that it
CAT not interfere with their work and DOGS
not make your teammates uncomfortable.


Yearly medical checkups

Health of Klika’s each team member is our
top priority. That is why we encourage not just
a healthy lifestyle but also organize a yearly
medical checkup for everyone at Klika.

A healthy body for a healthy mind!


New Year vacation

We like to start the New Year fresh and relaxed.

That’s why we provide additional free days
around New Year to all our employees.



Once a year, we organize a companywide
teambuilding to reward our employees for all
the hard work and strengthen our company

This event is always organized and announced
in a timely manner.



Much to learn (and teach) you still have, our young
padawan-to-be. Our personal
development initiatives provide a continuous
growth and career development framework for
every employee.

Mentorship is a one-on-one system of
knowledge transfer between the more and less
experienced team members.


Internal meetups,
knowledge sharing

Sharing is caring, and we care a lot! We provide
various knowledge sharing platforms that
group themselves around different topics
(meetups, OpenPortSession, workshops).

Being a part of these groups means a great
level of involvement and commitment in both
learning and sharing from past experiences.



This is basically a place for all our team
members to nerd out on different internally
developed projects.

Klika is our computer club, a place for tinkering
and developing both new & retro projects (like
our own Klika OS, Space Invaders and such).



We are practicing an honest and continuous process of feedbacks.

Their goal is to provide a two-way
communication process where both the you
and the company can work on our mutual


Every journey needs a first step

And this can be the first step in starting your career with us.

Applications for KLIKA PRAKSA can be submitted all year round. Follow us on our social media for the fresh out the oven information.

What is it?

KLIKA PRAKSA is a two month, full-time intensive programme, divided into eight sprints, during which the team of 10 interns is developing a new app from the scratch, with the guidance of mentors, our experienced employees. The goal of the internship is to have a fully functional app by the end of the two-months period.

Who can apply?

We are looking for IT/ Computer science students, graduates with little or no work experience, with basic knowledge, a background or interest in DevOps, Android, iOS, Back-end and Front-end development and Quality Assurance.


  • Basic/ Elementary programming knowledge
  • Educational background in IT, Computer science, gained at universities or academies (desirable but not exclusive)
  • Ability to commit to full time working hours (9 to 5) for the period of two months, at Klika office in Sarajevo.
  • Enthusiasm
  • Patience
  • Git
  • Desire to learn
  • Ability to find great music on Youtube when things get a bit ruff.

How it works?

Send us your application by answering a few questions in our application form below.

Please specify in your application one or more positions in the team that you are interested
in obtaining (DevOps, Android, iOS, Back-end and Front-end development and/ or Quality Assurance).

After applying for our internship allow us a couple of days to process you application.
If you’re among the shortlisted candidates we’ll call you and let you know when you
can drop by our office for an interview.

If you’ve passed the interview then congratulations are in order, you’ve been selected as one
of the interns of Klika’s newest internship cycle! We’ll inform you about the start date
and send you some resources, documentation, tips and advice that can best prepare you
for what’s about to come!

*If you’re unfortunately not among the candidates selected for an interview or the internship we’ll still let you know as soon as we can, and we’ll
also try and send you some resources and advice that can help you on your way towards becoming a Software, QA or DevOps Engineer at Klika.


How to write cv?

Your CV should tell a story about you, your work history, your skills and projects. And its main goal is to show that you are the best candidate for the job.


Are you ready for a mission that will transfer you to a new dimension?


hiring process

We know that every application and
interviewing process can be demanding in its
own way. Especially if you do not know the
steps included.

Because of that we want you to be prepared
as much as possible and to know what to
expect when applying for a job at Klika.

Welcome to our hiring process:

After applying you will receive a confirmation mail letting you know that your application has been
successfully processed. Our hiring team will keep you informed from this point on.

Feel free to contact them anytime in case you have any questions.

After the application window has been closed, our team will work on reviewing all the applications and organize
the next steps for those who fit the open position. You will receive feedback information in 5 to 10 days after
submitting your application.

Upon being selected for the interview you will receive an interview scheduling link. Just pick a date and time that
works for you and it’s all set and done. A timely feedback is sent out to everyone, regardless of the outcome.

On this interview you will get to meet two of our community members, the technical interviewer and the team
lead of the project we are hiring for. We strongly believe that a team lead needs to have a say in hiring new
teammates. This is also a great way for you to learn a bit more about the project you could be working on soon.

Upon completing the interview, feedback information can be expected in about 5 to 10 days.

After successfully passing the technical interview, you will receive a new scheduling link, this time for
the HR Interview. The purpose of this interview: to get to know you better on a more personal level. We
are a highly cultural driven company and care about building and developing the best possible teams.

Want to know what drives our culture? Find out more on our Culture page.

Technical? Check. HR Interview? Check. After completing all the interview rounds, we take some time to
review all the candidates. This process is done by a hiring team and usually takes about 5 days.

After the decision has been made, the best candidate will be contacted with an offer. Our offers are
communicated verbally with a written follow up. Feedback is also given to all candidates who did not
make it to this stage.

Yaay! You confirmed to becoming a new member of our Klika team! Expect a couple of calls and emails
from our HR and Admin team to inform you on additional data and documents you would need to send
and prepare before starting your first day here.

To make your onboarding experience as best as possible, additional project information, books and
courses could also be provided to you before your start date.

The day has finally arrived! You are officially a part of Klika now. Expect a well-structured onboarding
process where you will get to meet our Talent Manager who will guide you through our company culture
and all your rights and perks you get by being a member of Klika.

Your Team Lead and your teammates will prepare a “project 101” tutorial and onboarding plan. And don’t
forget to book your break time for a team lunch.


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