Klika received the 'Excelling in Diversity' Certificate

6 Mar 2021

Last night, Klika was among five Bosnian-Herzegovinian companies and institutions that received the ‘Excelling in Diversity’ certificate. 

The pioneers in creating jobs in accordance with the world’s best standards of diversity and inclusion were awarded certificates by representatives of Sarajevo Open Center (SOC), Otaharin, and Foundation 787, organizations gathered in the D&I coalition that works with an aim of promoting and improving human rights.

‘Excelling in Diversity’ is an important certificate that is awarded to companies and institutions that treat all employees and job candidates equally in the employment, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, and other characteristics that classify people as a marginalized group. 

‘We are happy to see that today there are companies and institutions that care about the position of marginalized groups in our society. Tonight, we have shown that there are excellent examples of companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina that apart from respecting human rights, go a step further and strive to ensure that people who belong to marginalized groups are surrounded by the atmosphere of support for them as individuals with all their identities’, said Emina Bošnjak, Executive Director of SOC, adding that this was a pilot project supported by MarketMakers and the Swiss Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The first step in the certification process is for companies and institutions to contact the D&L coalition with an intention to reform and operate in accordance with the best world practices. The methodological approach, which is designed so that all companies can participate in the process regardless of size, sector, or level of company development, prescribes the steps to certification.
After a detailed analysis of the situation, interviews with management and employees of the company, the data is analyzed followed by the report that contains detailed recommendations that the company needs to meet in order to successfully implement these policies and practices. 

Upon receiving the certificate, the CEO of Klika Edin Deljkić, expressed his satisfaction with the implementation of the project, saying that seven years ago Klika realized that diversity and inclusion are not represented in either the private or public sector. 
‘We have included diversity as one of the basic company’s values and we have tried to work for equality, regardless of everything’, said Deljkić.

D&I coalition, and companies and institutions that received the certificate ‘Excellence in Diversity’, invited other Bosnian-Herzegovinian companies and institutions to apply for the certification process. By implementing standards of diversity and inclusion, companies can achieve the best results in their business and be recognized as leaders of social change. 

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