6 Feb 2021

One year ago, as a result of several months of cooperation between the Department of Archeology of the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo and Klika, the platform was launched. The platform was inspired by the vision of the first complete digital archive for medieval Bosnian tombstones (stećci), aiming to preserve the cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina through documentation and presentation in a modern database. platform consists of two parts, one is a research platform that is accessible only to researchers who have received approval from the Institute for Archeology, while the other presentation part is intended for the general public and tourists. 

Thanks to the Department of Archeology and professor Edin Bujak, now contains data for 478 necropolises and 14.567 tombstones (stećci). A total of 509 tombstones are documented following the size, form, and full description.  
To date, the platform has been used by 33 users and 57 researchers, with a total of 80 resources. 

We would like to point out once again that was developed during the Klika Praksa internship program as a part of Klika's #giveBack campaign. Over the course of three months, 24 team members worked on the implementation of the platform and presentational website, as well as an Android and iOS app.  


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