Klika created a software platform for Pomozi.ba to ease the managing of donation requests

2 Dec 2020

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, humanitarian association Pomozi.ba has received the support of numerous successful companies that work with an aim of helping the community. Such support is of great importance to the Pomozi.ba team, as well as to the people who depend on the social assistance of this association. 

Klika is one of the companies that have shown social responsibility in these difficult times. During the pandemic, Klika offered its services to state institutions in a form of implementing a software solution for monitoring people in self-isolation. Aiming to help the wider community the company implemented a number of projects such as donations and pro bono software solutions. In this way, Klika also helped the humanitarian association Pomozi.ba which has experienced a significant increase in the number of assistance requests once the pandemic started.

“The number of requests we receive has increased significantly, which is why we needed help in the form of a software platform through which we could record all users and their requests, together with donations. In addition to the heavy workload, our association faces various challenges such as malfeasances and fraud attempts, that further complicate our work. Therefore, a centralized platform is of great help to our employees in identifying and preventing possible frauds. This is why we are very grateful to Klika for developing this platform completely free of charge.”, explains the Founder and President of association Pomozi.ba, Elvir Karalić.

Basic functionalities of the platform include records of users and their requests for assistance, as well as monitoring and reports of donations made by the association Pomozi.ba.

“This modern web app is the backbone of the association’s work, and all types of donations will be recorded in it. In this way, a transparent insight into the distribution of donations and the work of the association is established. The process of request processing and donation granting is fully automated and provides insight into the status of any submitted request. This platform is actually a centralized database of aid beneficiaries and donations at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”, Karalić added.

According to Klika, the costs of maintaining and supervising this multi-useful platform, developed by the team of Software Engineers and UI/UX Designers as a part of the Klika's CSR project, are fully covered by Klika.

"Some of our plans for the future include creating a platform for the needs of other associations involved in the allocation of aid and donations, enabling the exchange of data on beneficiaries with relevant institutions and associations, developing a mobile application, etc.", said Samir Eljazović, Co-founder of Klika.

This is certainly just the beginning of successful cooperation between Klika and the humanitarian association Pomozi.ba, which with this support can achieve its mission and provide assistance to as many socially vulnerable people in Bosnia and Herzegovina as possible.

The article is originally published on Klix.ba.

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