Klika provides computers and tablet devices to children throughout the country and enables them to follow online classes

16 Apr 2020

Challenging times require the engagement and responsibility of the whole society. Believing that education is a basic human right and that it should be accessible to everyone, software company Klika donated 130 tablet devices, 2 computers and 2 printers to help students across Bosnia and Herzegovina to follow online classes during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. The devices were handed to the students by the school's representatives who helped to organize this action and provided that the devices were given to those who need them the most.  

"As we all know, there are many students throughout the country who are not able to follow online classes because they do not have suitable devices that would allow them to access the internet and attend online lectures. We at Klika strongly believe in the power of education and that every child in Bosnia and Herzegovina must have access to education no matter the circumstances. Thus, we decided to help on this occasion by focusing on schools located in hometowns of Klika's founders Maja Mameledžija, Edin Deljkić, Zaharije Pašalić, and Samir Eljazović, who come from Travnik, Zenica and Bosanska Krupa. In the meantime, we received a request for help from elementary school "Srednje" from Ilijaš, and we responded to their invitation by donating a certain number of devices to the students of this school", says CEO of the company Edin Deljkić. 



In addition to the problem of lacking suitable devices through which they can attend online lectures, many students face the problem of not having Internet access, since they live in areas that are not covered by the Internet signal, or they can not afford it. Luckily, BH Telecom joined the action of Klika and provided a free internet connection and 3G cards to students who were donated devices, and to those who did not have a proper internet connection earlier. Devices were donated to the students of elementary school "Srednje" in the municipality of Ilijaš; in Zenica to the students of elementary schools "Miroslav Krleža", "Hasan Kikić", "Vladimir Nazor", "Meša Selimović" and "Edhem Mulabdić"; to the students of elementary schools "Travnik" and "Kalibunar" in Travnik; and to the students of  "Prva osnovna škola" and "Druga osnovna škola" elementary schools in Bosanska Krupa.  

Deljkić also expressed the company's gratitude to partners of this action, "We are very thankful to schools for their cooperation during this action, as well as to the Institute for Youth Development KULT who helped us gather information about schools and communicate with them. Also, to BH Telecom for joining our initiative and providing their services free of charge to students who need them at the moment. It is always a pleasure for us to realize such activities, and it is an even greater pleasure when we unite with partners and make a change in our society together." 



Klika points out that this humanitarian action is just one of the activities they undertook during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. From the very beginning of the crisis, they decided to help the community and offered their services on a pro bono basis to various institutions, organizations, and even government. Encouraged by media reports on mass violations of prescribed self-isolation measures for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who recently came back to the country, or who are connected to certain clusters, Klika created a software solution that would enable control of compliance with self-isolation measures and significantly ease the work of inspection administrations and police forces. They were in talks with relevant institutions to check how this solution could be used, but the lack of answers made the implementation of this project impossible. 

In addition, Klika started another pro bono project in cooperation with the humanitarian association Pomozi.ba., an application that serves to monitor requests for help, as well as the records of beneficiaries of humanitarian aid and donations themselves. Since Pomozi.ba checks all the requests it receives, this platform could become a central register of people in need and users of humanitarian aid, and as such it could be used by other organizations that deal with this problem.  

Within the Association of IT companies Bit Alliance, Klika implemented the online educational and informative platform DigitalnoVrijeme.ba which offers free content and provides all organizations, institutions, and individuals who offer some type of online content in the field of education, culture, science, entertainment, communication or health to put their content on this platform and make it available to all people from our language area.  

The entire Klika team is continuously committed to helping those in need through social engagement. Thus, in addition to all the digital solutions they participate in, the company's employees help citizens in need with their financial contributions to the Klika Solidarity Fund.  The money is collected on a monthly basis and donated to support current humanitarian actions. The money donated by Klika employees in February and March is directed to the associations Pomozi.ba and Merhamet Sarajevo. 

They point out that besides wanting to help society by responding to the needs of individuals and institutions, they also want to motivate other companies to support existing humanitarian actions, or to start their own because any help at this time is warmly welcomed by our fellow citizens. 

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