2 Oct 2020

This week Klika received the “Seal of 100 Greatest in BiH”, the highest recognition for the overall business results achieved in 2019.

The 33rd ceremony, at which awards are presented to the most successful companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held as a part of the project “100 Greatest in BiH and the Region” implemented by Poslovne novine, The Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH, and the credit rating agency LCR Sarajevo, under the patronage of EuroExpress d.o.o. Banja Luka.

Klika was on the list of 100 greatest companies in 2019 for its overall increase in business parameters such as export, profit, and increase in the number of employees.

During 2019, the number of employees increased by 57%, export by 70%, and profit by 54%. The revenues grew by 71%, while the investments were around 1,000,000 KM, and 120,000 KM was invested in socially responsible projects.

The “Seal of 100 Greatest in BiH” was awarded to Klika’s CEO Edin Deljkić by Staša Košarac, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations.

"It is a great honor and pleasure for us to receive this tremendous recognition. We are a very young IT company that exists for about 6 years and we are extremely glad that we have achieved such a result to grow from a small startup into a large company with achievements that are recognized by the community.", said the CEO of Klika Edin Deljkić upon receiving the award.

The aim of the project “100 Greatest in BiH and the Region” is to promote companies that are leaders of the economic development of the country, and whose quality of products and services has been recognized on markets around the. The special recognition "Seal of 100 Greatest in BiH" is awarded to the highest-ranking companies according to all parameters set by Poslovne novine. This recognition represents a guarantee of success and communicates company's commitment to development.

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