The celebration of Klika's 7th birthday

22 Feb 2021

Although Klika turned 7 in January, the birthday celebration was postponed due to the prescribed COVID-19 preventive measures and the epidemiological situation in the country.
This year Klika team decided to have a smaller gathering at one of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian mountains, instead of organizing a big birthday party as usual. 
As the country offers multiple options for outdoor events and activities, the captivating ambience of the mountain of Bjelašnica seemed like the right choice for such birthday celebration.

The event took place last Friday, at the picnic area Javorov Do, and considering the circumstances, the attendance at the event was on a voluntary basis. Thanks to the helping hand of Priredba Agency and the staff of Javorov Do, Klika's 7th birthday was surely an event to remember.
In addition to regular birthday activities such as cutting the cake and dancing to the rhythm of a DJ's playlist, the event included several fun activities such as snow-tubing, snowball fight, mini-ski challenge and snow soccer. 

There surely was a reason to celebrate since Klika managed to position itself as one of the biggest Bosnian-Herzegovinian IT companies during the last seven years. From being a small company with only 4 employees to growing into a big company with almost 160 members of the team and two offices in B-H, Klika grew rapidly during these seven years, and the team is more than excited to see what will happen in the next seven. 

Happy Klika Birthday everyone and have another wonderful year of Klika life!

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