12 Jan 2021

Klika wrapped up 2020 with another successful cooperation, this time by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University in Sarajevo. Jasmin Velagić, Dean of the Faculty and Edin Deljkić, CEO at Klika signed this agreement in late December, aiming to help to create a curriculum at the Department of Automation and Electronics on this faculty.  

MoC signatories agreed to cooperate in the areas of their activities that are in the mutual interest of strengthening and developing the computer science and information society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

This Memorandum covers multiple activities such as the introduction of special study programs in the field of Embedded Systems-Hardware and Firmware design, in undergraduate and Master study programs at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, together with the implementation of joint projects aiming to develop computer science and profession.  

The agreement implies scientific and professional cooperation as well in the form of training, courses, and specializations for students. 

The plan for the future is to open and co-finance specialist laboratories at the Faculty that would provide students with an opportunity for practical application of their knowledge. Since has Klika already established a lab for Embedded Systems i.e. Hardware and Firmware design, this is a good way to contribute to the education system, as well as to create more opportunities for students to enter the labor market as ready and professional as possible. 

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